Just as some people are unknowingly streaming live video from security cams in their homes, some are also unknowingly live-streaming video from their cars. They have made the video feed from their front and rear dashcams, as well as the mapped GPS location of the vehicle – the speed it is going or if it is parked – and even audio from inside the vehicle, available to the public.

Let’s assume you dropped around $400 or so for a BlackVue dashcam, which includes “Over the Cloud” capabilities. That’s what IT pro Tim Woodruff – who is a software architect and developer for IT service management software, a former pen tester, and author – did after a semi hit his new Tesla Model X and insurance refused to pay even though the driver admitted to not seeing the Tesla. Installation and all cost him a whopping $1,200.

BlackVue comes with a Cloud Viewer which allows owners to see a live view of their car. However, Woodruff warned that thanks to a sketchy registration process, that live view is available to the public. Users are opted-in by default to share the precise GPS location of their vehicles on a map, as well as a stream live video feeds of the front and rear cameras.

Do you really want to broadcast a live feed of where you go, of the inside your garage, or where you drop your kids off at school? Do you ever do anything you might not want the world to know, such as visit a head shop, an erotica store, seek treatment at a medical center, or even visit the person with whom you might be having an affair?

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