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Seedrs Introduction

In this modern day’s everyone wants to venture into business, and it’s therefore right that they invest in the business they believe in. Seedrs is a registered European community trademark that is authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority. It provides the summary of investments opportunities on its website. Seedrs is trying to resolve the illiquidity problem by setting up a secondary market where buyers and sellers can exchange shares. It has its headquarters in London UK and Lisbon Portugal.

Why Choose Seedrs?

Seedrs as a company makes it possible and simple to invest in a business you believe in and share in their success. It is, therefore, a very dependable online platform since it gives its clients the reasons and builds confidence in its clients. It also ensures that the information given to clients is clear, has factual claims and that it is not misleading. They have professional advisers that help to answer customers question in respect to legal, financial or tax matters relevant to their interactions with Seedrs.  All investment activities take place within the UK, and any person resident outside the UK should ensure that they are not subject to any local regulations before investing.


Seedrs Limited Company has several terms of services that help them to relate well to their customers. i.e.

Intellectual Property: the Website may include any given time text, graphics, logos, icons, images, sounds clips, video clips, and data compilations.

Links To Other Websites: at times the websites may contain links to other websites.

Severability: they have made efforts to ensure that the terms of services are adhered to strictly.

Choice Of Law: the terms of services and the relationship between the customers and the company are created.

Jurisdiction: customers are required to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


  • The Brook deals with making plant-based eating fun and accessible for an environmentally-conscious generation.
  • Crua outdoors deals with the development of technically advanced and pertinent pending insulated pants for both the recreational and E & P markets.
  • This one deals with using waste plastics to replace bitumen in asphalt, resulting in a more durable and longer lasting road.
  • This is a revolutionizing consumer insight which uses the point of sale to collect mass, accurate feedback.
  • It is a revolutionary social trading app that connects the world’s brokers and their clients.
  • It is a next-generation wearable that helps runners to improve their techniques to run faster and safer.
  • Hill and Friends. Its main and primary objective is to make the handbags that women love most to carry and merge them with the values they hold dear.
  • They were the pioneers of the DNA tagging for artworks, and they are launching an online trading platform for trusted arts.
  • This one has specialized in online digital pet health services to their owners and vets.
  • Sustainable accelerator. It offers a diversified portfolio of exciting SEIS & EIS sustainability startups.
  • Equator Aircraft. This one deal in the creation of a paradigm change in light aviation, by developing a usable amphibious hybrid electric aircraft.


Seedrs has made its operation interactivity with the clients by campaign submission whereby the entrepreneur submit their Seedrs campaign copy, then the initial screening takes place whereby the campaign is reviewed in order to ensure that it is viable, appropriate and ultimately engaging, then there is detail verification whereby each statement is reviewed and due diligence performed and finally there comes the campaign live. which only takes place after there is assurance that the campaign meets the requires set standards. This is when it is approved and made available for investment. Seedrs also gives risk warnings which are aimed at creating awareness to the clients on the likely risks they could encounter. These include loss of capital, illiquidity, a rarity of dividends, dilution, and diversification. These risks are to anyone who chooses to invest in business investments in Seedrs.



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