Nothing causes more frustration, it seems, than actually having customers, but none that convert.

No-one will blame you for feeling confused and anxious when you are trying to figure out what is happening, or not happening and why. There are though, things you can do to remedy the situation. In the following post, we will look at five of the reasons why your customers aren’t actually converting and what you can do to turn things around.


Not Following up on Customers

When trying to convert potential customers, it is crucial that you follow up with them. There are a large percentage of companies out there that fully understand the concept, but rarely follow-through on it.

As well as finalising and closing a sale, a good follow-up can make a customer feel special. This could be the key to them lowering their guard just enough for you to get that all-important conversion.

There are a number of different ways you can successfully follow-up with your customers. You can do it by meeting up with them in person (if appropriate) or simply giving them a call or sending them an email.

You’ll find that if follow-ups become an easy and normal practice, your company will benefit from gaining more business based on referrals alone.


Customers are Unable to Find your Company

There is a definite connection between having clicks and having conversions. In order to get more clicks though, you need to get more visitors.

You undoubtedly know the importance of having a website and an online presence.

However, trends are indicating that just having a website is not actually enough to reach the most customers possible. If you’ve just thrown a website up into the big world wide web and are now stuck, a decent digital marketing agency might be what the doctor ordered to take you to the next level.

You need to have social media pages for your business. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your social media pages and website are updated regularly to make sure your brand is getting sufficient coverage both nationally and locally.

It is also important to implement a long-term effective SEO strategy to ensure your website can reach higher rankings on search engines like Google.


Lack of Special Deals

While it might not always be ideal, you should never underestimate the power of value consumers.

Though it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop your prices too low that you don’t actually make profits, many buyers respond favorably to special deals that make them feel as if they are getting a great deal or gaining extra value by shopping with you rather than your competitors.

You will also be able to build up a stronger following by only allowing your email list subscribers to benefit from deals.


Negative Online Customer Reviews

If you haven’t been looking at negative customer reviews that may have been left about your company online, it’s time you started paying closer attention to them.

You need to keep in mind that it’s not only you that can access these reviews – your prospective customers can too.

This can mean that there is the potential that when those potential customers search for your company on Google or another search engine find negative customer reviews.

To make matters even worse, when companies have bad experiences they are more likely to share their personal experience and opinions.

When customers are looking through online reviews, they are essentially looking for the confirmation that they are going to make the right decision by doing business with you.

Therefore, if a particular business does not have glowing customer reviews, those potential customers will keep looking for something better.

A study conducted by BrightLocal discovered that around 74% of buyers stated that positive reviews made them trust businesses more.


Bad Experience With Your Website

Another potential and potent conversion killer is your website being unprofessional.

People, particularly nowadays, are used to having very smooth and almost intuitive experiences using websites.

Therefore, if you have a site that doesn’t display properly or takes too long to load, visitors will leave just as quickly as they clicked on your site.

So, it’s vital that you invest in effective and high-quality web design and look to streamline the experience wherever possible, removing any distracting content and links that are simply not needed.

Furthermore, as was discovered by research conducted by HubSpot – around 76% of visitors did not like pop-up ads. So, it’s important to keep these away from your website.

As you can see, there are various reasons why your potential customers may not be converting. The most important thing you need to do though is to find the weak spots and strengthen them as best you can, quickly.

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