The Maucere Law Group LLC in Chattanooga has merged with Barham Legal, LLC, which operates in Nashville and Columbus, Ohio.

Scott Maucere, an attorney in Chattanooga for the past 12 years who started an online legal platform for startup businesses known as PUSHTOSTART in 2013, said the combined firm will be a full-service business law boutique with a focus on corporate law, startups, business litigation, creditors’ rights and foreclosure law, entertainment law, securities regulation, tax law and estate planning.

“For 10 ten years, Maucere Law Group has focused on sophisticated legal matters for startups and businesses across the country,” said Maucere, who will be the chief legal officer for the combined firm. “Ultimately it’s about offering the highest level of service and advocacy for our clients. Barham & Maucere LLC will take our respective practices to the next level.”

Maucere Law Group is the exclusive legal services provider for PUSHTOSTART, which Maucere started as an alternative to online services such as LegalZoom to connect entrepreneurs with lawyers for legal assistance to startup firms in 16 states. Ultimately, Maucere said he hopes to build the online platform to a national company with agreements for legal help in different states. The merger should provide additional resources to continue to grow the online venture.

“PUSHTOSTART is the premier online platform for forming a business entity in the US,” said Daniel Barham the managing director for the law firm. “Acquiring this technology to be able to offer to our clients is an incredible opportunity for Barham & Maucere LLC.”

Barham said he selected Chattanooga as the headquarters for the new firm, though it would maintain offices in Nashville, and Columbus, Ohio.

“Part of Barham Legal LLC’s unique value proposition is the ability to represent creditors and investors in default services and creditor litigation matters on a multi-state basis,” he said. “The merger will expand our breadth and depth as we offer representation deeper into the Southeast as far as South Carolina and Georgia and westward into Texas.”

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