Miss Perperual Emma Gyenfie

Miss Perperual Emma Gyenfie

The acting Principal of the Mampong Technical College of Education (MAMTECH), Miss Perpetual Emma Gyenfie, has advised teachers trainees with weak information and communications technology (ICT) background, to build their capacity in ICT-based teaching.

Miss Gyenfie said this at the 11th matriculation ceremony for first year students for the 2018/2019 academic year.

In all, 400 out of 1,342 applicants were admitted into the college to pursue a four-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) JHS programme.

“As aspiring professional teachers, you shall be expected to use your laptops and smart phones for teaching, learning and research in your career development and the earlier you get used to it, the better,” she said.

Four-year B.Ed

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Miss Gyenfie said the college had begun the four-year Bachelor of Education programme which was being implemented by the government, in line with its policy of curriculum reforms.

The aim, among others, is to improve learning outcomes through quality teaching, learning and research in all the 46 public colleges of education.

Miss Gyenfie said the programme was to ensure better trained and well-equipped professional teachers capable of applying learner-centred and gender-sensitive instructions to teaching and learning.

She advised the students to cultivate the right attitude in exploring the right opportunities in search of knowledge.

Assembly hall

The Dean of students for the college, Mr Douglas Koranteng Ndamenenu, appealed to the government and other stakeholders to help put up an assembly hall for the school.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education had provided 2,586 assorted Science, ICT, Technical and Vocational equipment to the college for it to become a centre of excellence.

The equipment included electronic kilns, heat transmission ovens, concrete block making machines, concrete drilling machines, desktop and laptop computers, sewing machines, grinding machines, biological models, portable strobe lights, VCD/DVD combos, graph boards and developing tables.

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