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15% OFF From Monoqi

The taste of elegance, modernness and being exceptional is what we all want. Without a doubt, given a chance, you will select the first design from the most trusted sources in the world. A desire will not give you what you want, rather, your ability to achieve it. In the market today, you will find some shops selling top designs, especially those that are in limited edition. More often, such designs are overpriced. It only takes a shop with a customer’s interest at heart to offer such high-quality designs at affordable rates. Such e-commerce is Monoqi. Monoqi offer 15 % discounts on all its designs. Do not hesitate to get your discount with the Monoqi Discount code.

About Monoqi

Described as an online destination with top designs, Monoqi stands out among its competitor as a shop that stores design that is in limited edition and sells them a surprisingly friendly price. Being in business since 2012, the e-commerce has been offering exceptional products from international designers, thanks to its agile, focused as well as dedicated team of international scouts that track down the best designs worldwide as well curate the price.

This has seen the shop unleashing new designs usually in limited edition daily. This means the team will continuously and persistently look for what to display the next day; thus putting luxury where it supposed to be. With a deep understanding of conventional design, the shop also finds products through its experts for design-interested members. Such an act leads to offering low prices. The art shop is also steadily growing with a range of exquisite design. This is due to the shop working with over 10,000 designers from all over the world while taking in the current of the global zeitgeist and setting its trends.


The products are categorized as

Furniture: Seating, sofas, tables, bed and mattresses, and outdoor furniture

Storage: Crates and baskets

Lighting: Wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lighting, and light bulbs

Textile: Bed linen, carpet, children wear, bathroom

Home Accessories: decorations, office, kitchen, bathroom

Lifestyle: fashion, technology, health and wellness, pets.

Wall Art: abstract art, media, maps, infographics, etc

Each category features a wide variety of product. The featured collection includes classic 34L basket, swivel stool, pond side table, friend chair, zebra bibs and gold advent candle among others.


The price varies with the category of the product. However, all products come at an extremely subsidized rate. Visit monoqi for more information

Why Do I Suggest Monoqi

Monoqi stocks quality products from world-renowned designers. Such top quality designs give you value for your money. Besides, the products come at really affordable prices coupled with discounts. The Monoqi club members usually get deals and promotion. They get such information through the newsletter they signed.

With the interest of the customers at heart, Monoqi always looks for products tailored to specific customers upon request. They have a team of international scout experts that look for such products- design-interested customers. This has helped the shop also to be able to stock unique designs that are found nowhere else. This has made e-commerce to be a trendsetter when it comes to models.

Srikanth Voruganti

Srikanth Voruganti

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