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Marketing through Social Media has become an important part of lifestyle today. Talking on the same, Body Engineers said, “In today’s technology-savvy world, the most successful companies are those that use social networking and other forms of web marketing tools to give their exposure a boost. Leveraging online marketing solutions greatly increase public awareness about products.”

Representative of the body making and fitness organisation also said that another successful tactic is to take advantage of ads on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most major fashion brands have pages on these popular social media platforms, and frequently post pictures and information about their newest products, locations of their stores and alerts about their latest sales or special offers.

“Studies have shown that this type of advertising encourages more people to compare prices, share opinions and ultimately purchase more products. Once an user “likes” or “follows” a number of fashion-related pages, social networking websites also start posting links to fashion retailers, which attract more customers,” they said.

“Fashion Marketing is a vital part of the fashion industry. It brings the creations of fashion designers around the world to wholesale buyers and consumers. When executed correctly, the marketing and branding of a product line can ultimately spell success for the designer. The efficient marketing of designs is almost as important as the design itself,” The members of Body Engineers said in their statement.

They also spoke about the other advantages. They said, “Another advantage of fashion marketing is that it really helps the buyers connect to the brand. Fashion is about more than just clothing, it’s about the story behind the clothes, the message of the designer and the company that produces the clothing. Marketing does more than just increase sales; it encourages brand loyalty among consumers, which drastically improves a company’s public image.”

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