How to Buy Online Games at Cheaper Prices with a VPN

Aaron Greenbaum

Online gaming is addictive. It’s not uncommon for gamers to play straight for 24 hours just to wrap up a map or mission. However, it wouldn’t be wise to let this addiction affect your wallet, let alone your health.


It is common knowledge that online games come in paid and free versions. In fact, most popular games are usually available in premium version only. Secondly, the more popular a game is, the more expensive it is.


But, did you know that the online game you buy for a hefty price in your country may be available for far cheaper prices in other regions? For instance, Battlefield V on Origin is available for $91.79 in the UK, while the same game is being sold at $66.33 in India. It means that the Indian gamers get to save a whopping $25.46 on their purchase!


The good news is that you too can save those $25 or more on your favorite online games without leaving your couch. All you need is a VPN.


Regional Price Differences is Common in Online Shopping


Believe it or not, online gaming isn’t the only industry where you see regional price differences. In fact, you can notice the same trend in other industries as well.


For instance, the granddaddy of the online entertainment streaming industry, Netflix, is also popular for charging different prices in different regions. Apart from Netflix, Spotify’s prices also vary considerably depending on the region it is being sold in.


Streaming services aside, you can also see significant price differences in some products on Amazon online store. In this case, the price difference occurs due to the international trade rules that buyers and sellers have to follow.


Prices also vary when it comes to booking airline tickets, hotels, and care rentals. In fact, in the case of flights, you can see a difference of over $300 at some locations.


Origin & Steam Games Price Comparison


Coming back to online gaming, Steam and Origin are two online platforms where gamers from across the globe purchase games and play online. The two gaming giants are known for some of the most popular games of the years such as The Sims 4, Fifa 2019, Assassin’s Creed, PUBG and CS GO to name a few.


Let’s compare and see what users have to pay for their favorite games in their regions:


Assassin’s Creed (Origin)

$59.99 USA

$65.56 UK

$65.53 Australia

$61.06 Canada

$68.56 France

$41.21 India

$42.87 Brazil

$53.64 Hong Kong

$51.05 Singapore

$54.84 Thailand


Fifa 2019 (Origin)

$44.99 USA

$54.01 UK

$49.17 Australia

$45.79 Canada

$51.41 France

$36.11 India

$48.03 Brazil

$32.88 Hong Kong

$30.58 Singapore

$31.06 Thailand


PUBG (Steam)

$29.99 USA

$35.39 UK

$29.99 Australia

$28.24 Canada

$34.25 France

$29.99 India

$14.99 Brazil

$24.02 Hong Kong

$25.50 Singapore

$16.96 Thailand


See the difference?


Overcome Price Differences Issue with a VPN


Fortunately, you can easily get past the regional barriers without leaving your gaming den by setting up a virtual private network.


VPN services are, although, known for securing your Internet connection, but the tool can also be used for spoofing your location and help you bypass geo-restrictions with ease. By setting up a VPN on your device and changing your IP address, you can pretend to be a user from a different region. As a result, you can easily get around the geo-limitations that restrict online gamers from purchasing games at cheaper rates or sending gift cards to friends in other countries, for that matter.


In fact, you can use the same functionality of a VPN service to unblock and access streaming services that offer location-locked content such as Netflix US and more.


Bypassing geo-restrictions isn’t the only benefit you get when using a VPN. In fact,


  • You can overcome the latency issue while playing online games
  • You can join servers in other countries to resolve high ping issues
  • You can join gaming rooms and communities that are restricted due to regional limitations
  • You can even use the VoIP feature, which is otherwise geo-locked


How to Save Cost on Online Games with a VPN


Now you know the many benefits of having a VPN, especially when it comes to gaming, all that remains is a quick tutorial on how to go about it:


  1. Buy a VPN service that is reliable and trustworthy
  2. Download the application for your preferred device
  3. Launch the VPN application
  4. Select the server location that has the lowest gaming prices
  5. Open the platform from where you want to buy the game
  6. Create an account and your profile
  7. Add the game to the Cart
  8. Purchase your favorite game at cheaper prices and enjoy!


Every platform has different settings, so you might have to go through a couple of other steps while signing up and creating the account on that particular platform.


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