The growing popularity of cryptos and blockchain has led to an increased demand for related learning services. More people are willing to enroll for courses to enlighten them on this emerging technology. For this reason, INSEAD has partnered with online education portal, Coursera, to launch a program to teach entrepreneurs about cryptos and blockchain.

The program, known as ‘Blockchain revolution for the Enterprise,’ aims to equip industry experts with the knowledge required to implement blockchain technology into their existing solutions. It will also be useful to individuals who want to start their own blockchain-driven projects.

Precisely, the course will teach the participants how to design, develop and implement blockchain-based projects to provide a solution to real-world problems. The learners will also know how to assess the feasibility of their projects, as well as how to manage them.

The program instructor will be Don Tapscott, the founder of the Blockchain Research Institute and a leading tech entrepreneur. Tapscott has been writing books about major technological breakthroughs for almost four decades and has now set his focus on blockchain technology. A testament to this is a large number of blockchain-driven projects that are currently supported by the Blockchain Research Institute.

Peter Zemsky, the Dean of Innovation at INSEAD, said that while most people acknowledge the disruptive potential of blockchain technology, others see it as a threat. Thus, INSEAD is offering this course to debunk this myth and prepare entrepreneurs for the blockchain revolution.

Dil Sidhu, the Chief Content Officer at Coursera, said that blockchain technology is already transforming various industries and creating new opportunities for investors. He mentioned that technology has increased efficiency and lowered the costs of transactions across multiple sectors. He concluded by saying that they were happy to work with INSEAD and Don Tapscott in increasing awareness about blockchain technology.

The course is divided into four modules; Introduction to Blockchain, Blockchain Transactions, Blockchain Applications in Business, and Blockchain Opportunity Analysis. The entire course will be taught online. After completion, learners will receive a Specialization Certificate and will have a high-level perception of the blockchain ecosystem.

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