The emergency in the Le Roy Central School District was over after three days and village police, fire and ambulance personnel were out of the buildings by Wednesday night. It wasn’t an actual emergency, but a chance to train for one, should something such as an active-shooter event, fire and or evacuation procedure happen.

“Monday night they did trainings at the Wolcott Street School. (Tuesday) they did the Jr./Sr. High School from 8-10 p.m.,” said Superintendent Merritt Holly. The final night was Wednesday back at the Wolcott Street School.

“The village Police Department is the lead agency in that and they offer that to other departments (fire and EMS). It’s a classroom training before led by Officer (Greg) Kellogg and then they practice inside of our buildings. That’s great for us because they’re going to be the first responders here. Our resource officers participate in that too so that’s good. We know because of response time, the village Police Department is going to be first.”

Holly said the buildings are spread out and the better understanding first responders have of the layout, the better it is for a quicker response in case of an incident.

“When they’re coming in, if they’ve been here before and they’re going to respond to a specific location where the incident happened, they would know where to come in,” the superintendent said.

This is the second year school facilities were available for active shooter, fire and evacuation training scenarios.

Kellogg said, “We were just trying to get all the local agencies to get on the same page to communicate what our response would be. and to go through the response plans for both schools to review those together. Fire spoke to what their response would be, law enforcement as well. We were just talking about a number of different topics. It wasn’t about one specific scenario.

“We were more focused on our response as a police department and relaying any feedback we received from Monday night’s training with the fire and EMS side. That was done Tuesday night as well,” he said. “We’re looking to discuss some of the feedback with the school. There was a lot of positive feedback. Our goal is eventually to work with other resources outside of Le Roy.”

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