In the first stage of the SkillsUSA competition series, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School students showcased their technical mastery and brought 33 gold, 31 silver and 31 bronze medals home from the SkillsUSA Massachusetts District V Conference.

BVT students are honored to compete among the Commonwealth’s most talented vocational technical students in the annual SkillsUSA competitions.

“SkillsUSA Districts was a really great experience for me to show off my skills in my trade!” said Jon Cili, a freshman from Blackstone in Information Technology. “It was only at Districts that I realized there are so many other kids across the state involved in the same trade as me.”

These events operate as showcases for vocational technical education. Students compete with their peers in hands-on technical exams designed and judged by industry leaders and experts.

“At Districts I learned a lot and advanced my skills in my trade,” said Lauren Flynn, a sophomore from Upton in Multimedia Communications. “I had a lot of fun talking to other people in my competition and I met a lot of new people in my trade.”

The 2019 series kicked off for Valley Tech students on March 13, when Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School hosted the SkillsUSA Massachusetts District V Leadership Conference. Competing against more than 900 vocational technical students from seven schools, 95 Valley Tech students won medals and four students earned perfect scores on their trade testing.

Following their strong district-level performance, there are 68 district competitors moving on as well as two state officer candidates. Twenty-two BVT students will compete in leadership events at the Massachusetts State Leadership and Skills Conference on April 26. Additionally, 25 students will serve as delegates for Valley Tech officer candidates.

Blackstone Valley Tech will once again host the state championships in which students compete for the honor of representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the SkillsUSA National State Leadership and Skills Conference held each summer in Louisville, Kentucky.

The following students earned gold, silver and bronze medals at the SkillsUSA Massachusetts District V Leadership Conference:

Gold: Sabah Sabir, of Bellingham, Health Knowledge Bowl; Jessica Connolly, of Blackstone, Customer Service; Abigail Cook, of Blackstone, Basic Health Care Skills; Mya Ackerman, of Douglas, Restaurant Service; John Doiron, of Douglas, Dental Assisting; Connor Zisk, of Douglas, Digital Cinema Production; Eli Moore, of Hopedale, Culinary Arts; Vivian Staheli, of Hopedale, HVAC/R; Selah Harper, of Mendon, Nursing Assisting; Zachary Rivernider, of Mendon, Mobile Robotics; Demitri Almeida, of Milford, Telecommunications Cabling; Erin Bethel, of Milford, Health Knowledge Bowl; Christopher Calvao, of Milford, Urban Search & Rescue; Samuel Houle, of Millville, Major Appliance Technology; Alicia Blizard, of Northbridge, Painting & Design Technology; Max Brueggemann, of Northbridge, Technical Drafting; Anthony Carneiro, of Northbridge, Robotics & Automation Tech; Alana Johnson, of Northbridge, Commercial Baking; Jessica Nordquist, of Northbridge, Digital Cinema Production; Vella Ross, of Northbridge, Medical Terminology; Connor Andrews, of Sutton, Mobile Robotics; Joseph Cardin, of Sutton, Welding; Justin Limanek, of Sutton, Diesel Equipment Technology; Rose Mandella, of Sutton, Esthetics; Charles Myette, of Sutton, Additive Manufacturing; Kevin Queally, of Sutton, Advertising Design; Nicholas Reed, of Sutton, Urban Search & Rescue; Ryan Conrad, of Upton, Health Knowledge Bowl; Mackenzie LeClaire, of Upton, Photography; Patrick Ober, of Upton, Robotics & Automation Tech; Conner Bucchino, of Uxbridge, Additive Manufacturing; Jake Garille, of Uxbridge, Electrical Construction Wiring; and Ella Yaroshefski, of Uxbridge, Health Knowledge Bowl.

Silver: Tyler Brindamour, of Bellingham, Advertising Design; Adam Kaminski-Miller, of Bellingham, Welding; Matthew Coppolino, of Blackstone, Mechatronics; Grant Van Dyke, of Blackstone, Additive Manufacturing; Hannah Rosenkrantz, of Douglas, Mobile Robotics; Daniel Nault, of Grafton, Information Technology Service; Lily Allen, of Hopedale, Commercial Baking; Gabriel Chaves-Silva, of Hopedale, HVAC/R; Christopher Aurelio, of Mendon, Photography; Jacqueline DiCecco, of Mendon, Culinary Arts; Logan Keefe, of Milford, Digital Cinema Production; Josiah Ramirez, of Milford, Collision Repair Technology; Melissa Vieira, of Milford, Nurse Assisting; Jeffrey Wing, of Milford, Major Appliance Technology; Jennifer Dooley, of Millbury, Medical Terminology; Nick Healey, of Millbury, Telecommunications Cabling; Brennan McCarthy, of Millbury, CNC Technician; Mason Weagle, of Millbury, Digital Cinema Production; Ethan Blake, of Millville, CNC Milling Specialist; Nicholas Kirby, of Millville, Additive Manufacturing; Brett Szczurko, of Millville, Internetworking; Hayley Vecchione, of Millville, Medical Math; Brianna Brothers, of Northbridge, Technical Computer Applications; Megan Jacene, of Northbridge, Robotics & Automation Tech; Sylvia Rodriguez, of Northbridge, Painting & Design Technology; Adam Dickey, of Upton, Mechatronics; Aidan Luetkemeyer, of Upton, Diesel Equipment Technology; Jacob Martin, of Upton, Automotive Service Technology; Noah Stallcup, of Upton, Robotics & Automation Tech; Meaghan Haley, of Uxbridge, Mobile Robotics; and Timothy Smith, of Uxbridge, Welding Sculpture.

Bronze: Kirsten Flavin, of Bellingham, Major Appliance Technology; Camryn Krusz, of Bellingham, Medical Math; Jared Loiselle, of Blackstone, Carpentry; Christina Swenson, of Blackstone, Nail Care; Christina Aube, of Douglas, Technical Drafting; Logan Donohue, of Grafton, HVAC/R; Jacob Lazo, of Grafton, Telecommunications Cabling; Rachel Perrotta, of Grafton, Architectural Drafting; Meghan Leporati, of Hopedale, Technical Computer Applications; Chloe Pigeon, of Hopedale, Dental Assisting; Stephen Morelli, of Mendon, Automotive Service Technology; Michael Boone, of Milford, Collision Repair Technology; Willow Harvey, of Milford, Customer Service; Christopher Mason, of Milford, Urban Search & Rescue; Cameron Pelletier, of Milford, Mechatronics; Pamela Pereira, of Milford, Web Design; Joseph Tutela, of Milford, Commercial Baking; Olivia Corey, of Millbury, Restaurant Service; Lyndsey LaPierre, of Millbury, Photography; Sydney Westerlind, of Millbury, Esthetics; Meghan Griggs, of Northbridge, Robotics & Automation Tech; John Hehir, of Northbridge, Mobile Robotics; Ryan Johnson, of Northbridge, Power Equipment Technology; Donna Ross, of Northbridge, First Aid/CPR; George Briggs, of Sutton, Mechatronics; Devin Dencer, of Sutton, Painting & Design Technology; Mark Driver, of Upton, Web Design; Chloe Fallon, of Upton, Urban Search & Rescue; Joseph Boisvert, of Uxbridge, Plumbing; Madison Gannon, of Uxbridge, Robotics & Automation Tech; and Caroline Sanford, of Uxbridge, Mobile Robotics.

Perfect score: Vella Ross, Alicia Blizard and Sylvia Rodriguez, of Northbridge, and Devin Dencer, of Sutton.

State officer candidate: Madeleine Poitras, of Hopedale, and Anika Koopman, of Northbridge.

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