Metro Office Supply Hallmark, a longtime Festus business, is undergoing major changes, owners Chris and Linda Hagan announced April 5.

Part of the business will remain the same, part has been sold and the Hagans are looking to rent out about half of their building at 102 E. Main St.

Chris Hagan said he and his wife have been operating three different businesses at the building.

“The commercial supply store has been our No. 1 business,” he said. “Our No. 2 business was the Hallmark store. The No. 3 business was the storefront office supply store.”

Hagan said the part of the business they are keeping is the Hallmark store, a gift shop now called Metro’s Hallmark Shop.

The Hagans say they sold the commercial supply and office supply operation to Marty Miller and Ken Lenz, who operate Pedro’s Planets, an office products and printing services company based in Fenton that operates as a “green” business, with recycling among its services.

“What they bought was the outside commercial sales,” Chris Hagan said.

“They bought out the inventory,” Linda Hagan added. “They bought our name, our website, our list of accounts.

“Anything that was physically here as far as office supplies (including office furniture) is leaving. The name Metro Office Supply is going away.”

The only thing that will remain in the building on Main Street is the Hallmark store, which will take up the west half of the 5,500-square-foot building.

The Hagans are looking for a business to take over the east side of the building.

“We’re looking to rent up to 2,600 square feet to something that would be complementary (to Metro’s Hallmark Shop), like a women’s clothing store or another gift-type shop,” Chris Hagan said.

He said all the changes to their businesses are happening immediately.

Miller, 48, of Antonia said he and Lenz, 62, of Kirkwood bought out Metro Office Supply to grow Pedro’s Planets.

“We’re expanding our business profile,” he said. “Basically, we are the largest independent office products dealer that recycles office paper and other supplies.”

Chris Hagan said he and his wife felt it was the right time to sell the commercial and office supply portion of their business because of how retail sales are changing.

“We were one of the last mom and pop retail office supply stores,” he said. “Now, I’m going to work for Pedro’s Planet (in sales).”

Hagan’s parents, Roger and Rosetta Hagan, opened the Metro Office Supply Hallmark in 1980, and then he and his wife purchased it from them.

“We’ve had the Hallmark store since 1983,” Hagan said.

Linda Hagan, along with longtime employee Birgit White, will continue to run the Hallmark shop.

The Hagans, both 56, live in Festus.

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