Dollar Stores on Easter


Dollar Stores on Easter

Happy Easter! It’s a great day to celebrate the holiday and enjoy some fun Easter egg hunts with the family and a delicious Easter meal. But you might need to drop by a local Dollar Store near you on Easter to pick up some supplies. So are any Dollar Stores open on Easter Day 2019? Here’s a quick look at the store hours for Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree.

Dollar General stores are typically open on Easter Day, and they are usually open for their regular business hours. (In many locations that means they’re open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m.) Of course, there’s a chance this can vary by location and specific hours may vary. To confirm your local Dollar General’s hours, check out their store locator here.

Dollar Tree stores are typically open for regular hours on Easter. Of course, there’s a chance this can vary by location. Because local hours might vary, you should check with your local Dollar Tree to make sure it’s open before you go. Find your nearest store’s hours and information here.

Family Dollar stores are typically open for regular hours on Easter. The hours might vary depending on the store’s location. It’s always good to double check with your local store, in case they’re doing something different. You can find your local store’s location and hours here.

You can get a lot of fun Easter items at your local dollar store. Most dollar stores carry gift bags, candy, decorations, tiaras, and all sorts of other fun things you can put in an Easter basket. And if you’re giving any gifts, gift bags are high quality and very inexpensive at your local dollar store.

Dollar General, for example, has an Easter Hop Shop you can visit online here. Categories include baskets with eggs and grass, candy and gifts, decor, apparel, family gatherings (like plates and cups), crafts, and more. You can really get everything you need at Dollar General, from decorating the house to putting together Easter baskets from scratch.

Dollar Tree has a lot of Easter-themed items too. Check out their Easter shop here. They’ve got everything from baskets to candy, Easter plush stuffed animals, eggs and grass, craft supplies, basket stuffers, decor, devotional supplies, and more.

Family Dollar has an Easter gift guide you can look at here. The store also brings a wide selection, including pre-made Easter baskets, chocolate, candy, Easter grass, and more.

You can also get greeting cards for the adult members of your family and toys for the kids while you’re celebrating Easter. Dollar stores have a lot of great products that can help you make Easter even more special.

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