In June of last year, the company kicked off a series of radio spots featuring a well-known Atlanta news anchor that aired on the city’s most listened-to station.

In 2018 LOUD Security Systems collaborated with Monica Kaufman Pearson, a well-known and beloved news anchor to act as a spokesperson for the Kennesaw, Ga.-based company.

Kaufman Pearson is the first woman and first minority to anchor the daily evening news in Atlanta, where she worked for 37 years at the leading station, WSB-TV. Thus, her pitching for LOUD Security was a super cool deal for the company and its founder, John Loud.

In June of last year the company kicked off a series of radio spots featuring Kaufman Pearson and Loud, which aired on WSB “News 95.5 and AM750,” Atlanta’s most listened to radio station.

LOUD Security contracted with an outside agency to assist in producing the spots, which were co-written in-house by marketing personnel.

“It’s a big plus to have a team that can bounce off the scripts and ideas between each other to help us tweak each ad until we have something we feel works,” explains LOUD Marketing Manager John Bennett. “We have had super response to the spots. Our phone is ringing and the ads have given us much larger market reach and brand awareness.”

Radio advertising is typically much less expensive than television advertising and can have a similar impact if it’s produced and distributed for the maximum effect. Still, metrics can be challenging to track.

“Just like any marketing efforts, some are harder to track direct correlation with sales than others. However, we do ask our sales department to inquire with every customer that calls in, whether they heard us on the radio,” Bennett says. “The response has been extremely positive, and we have added some call-to-action offers at the end of some of the spots to help measure the effectiveness, such as ‘Tell them Monica sent you to receive a free monitored smoke detector.’”

Bennett offers some advice for a radio campaign: “First, don’t shortcut it. Find a good copywriter, spokesperson and producer with great editing skills. You want a product that you can be proud of and can accomplish what you intended. Second, I would say to keep it real. People can hear the slightest nuance in your voice if you aren’t yourself. Have fun and they will hear it in your voice. Lastly, keep the content fresh. Run a spot long enough to gain traction, but have additional spots with different content, so they don’t tune you out.”

Listen to the SAMMY Award-winning spots below.

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