By Daisy Moschitto for Santa Barbara High School Computer Science Academy | June 2, 2019 | 9:00 a.m.

Three students in Santa Barbara High School’s Computer Science Academy (CSA) were honored by Partners in Education at the 38th Annual Student Awards Ceremony & Reception at the Marjorie Luke Theater.

Ella Onishuk, a junior, and co-president of Girls Who Code; Karleigh Dehlsen, a sophomore and president of the Robotics Club; and Nathan Cohen, a junior and MOXI Team member, will receive Emerging Professionals awards.

In addition to their leadership roles in the CSA, Onishuk, Dehlsen and Cohen are outstanding students involved in extracurricular activities, such as theater and athletics.

The three have dedicated time to helping younger students discover the opportunities open to them in the field of computer science.

CSA students are expanding computer science outreach in other areas of the community as well. Jessica Erickson, a junior, will be leading a team of four students teaching art and design and web design in the CSA’s half-day Creative Computing Camps this summer.

The camps introduce computer science to junior high students, particularly those who are underrepresented in the field.

Another team, led by UCSB student and CSA graduate Jared Fitton, will be developing an app for nonprofit CoAST SB to survey local beaches and assess human impact; sponsored by Novacoast in conjunction with the CSA Foundation/Hello World project.

A final CSA Hello World project, an interactive touchscreen designed to enhance visitor experience, will be on display at the MOXI this summer.

These opportunities and others partnering SBHS students with local businesses are the real-world training CSA promotes.

The CSA is an open academy and a Career Technical Education program, dedicated to exposing local students to computer science and offering computer science classes and enrichment opportunities to all interested SBHS students.

For more information about the industry partners, programs or classes and camps offered by the Computer Science Academy at SBHS, visit

— Daisy Moschitto for Santa Barbara High School Computer Science Academy.

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