Kylie Jenner may reside in the Southern California region recently struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, but this hard-hitting billionaire hasn’t let it get in the way of business. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to her Kylie Cosmetics brand’s Instagram account last night, and while Kylie was out to promote her merchandise, it looks like her fans were out to probe her update.

Kylie’s update came as a double one. The makeup mogul appeared in two shots; it should be noted that the outdoor snaps of Kylie in an unzipped and super-busty sweater have already been posted to her own Instagram account. Nonetheless, the star appeared in a fresh update for followers of Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram.

Fans of the 21-year-old’s products may span the globe, but it looks like they’ve noted her Calabasas, California location.

“Kylie how are you posting this there was just an earthquake,” one fan wrote.

“We just had an earthquake and Kylie cosmetics promoting” was another comment.

“So we just not gonna talk about that earthquake” seemed to echo the thought.

As BBC reports, the recent earthquake is the biggest to have hit the region in two decades. The media outlet quoted seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones.

“This is an earthquake sequence. It will be ongoing. Every earthquake makes another earthquake more likely.”

It should, however, be noted that the earthquake’s epicenter was around 149 miles north-east of Los Angeles. Kylie herself may well have escaped unaffected. Nonetheless, it would appear that her fans aren’t too impressed that promotion for Kylie Cosmetics is continuing with no mention of the event. As The Daily Mail reports though, Kylie did take to Twitter with a mention.

“These earthquakes,” she wrote.

One fan seemed concerned that the star herself might have been harmed.

“Did you feel the earthquake tho??” they wrote.

Comments weren’t exclusively regarding the recent natural disaster, though. Dedicated fans of Kylie’s brand expressed excitement over products alongside asking specific questions about the various shades. The mother of one’s cleavage proved less of a talking point, although fans did pick up on her zipper-detailed outfit. One fan questioned whether affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova would be bringing out a similar top following Kylie’s post.

Kylie Cosmetics has proven ground-breaking. The 2015-launched brand now sees its founder as the world’s youngest billionaire. Despite being the youngest of her famous sisters, Kylie is now the richest. She is, however, not the only family member to have ventured into cosmetics. Big sister Kim Kardashian is CEO of KKW Beauty.

Fans wishing to see more of Kylie should follow her Instagram.

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