The local authority is recruiting companies who specialise in computer science to benefit from the help of up-and-coming apprentices in their final years at secondary school.

Foundation Apprenticeships are just one of many avenues Aberdeenshire Council supports young people to ensure they leave school with the skills for learning, life and work.

There is no cost to organisations for hosting students and they would benefit from the support of the same individual during term time from August to March.

Some brand new apprentices enjoying an induction event for their Children and Early Years Foundation Apprenticeship at Maryculter House Hotel.
Some brand new apprentices enjoying an induction event for their Children and Early Years Foundation Apprenticeship at Maryculter House Hotel.

The offer to partner up with schools does not start and stop with computer science.

Whether firms are keen to support a foundation apprentice in anything from childcare to engineering, or would prefer to step up on more of a purely mentoring basis, or can offer work placements or an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise, there is an opportunity to be part of supporting emerging talent in the industry, in the area.

Aberdeenshire has partnered with Skills Development Scotland to offer hundreds of additional foundation apprenticeships this year.

Laurence Findlay, Aberdeenshire’s director of education and children’s services said: “The apprentices we’d like to match into companies specialising in computer science to support their Foundation Apprenticeship this year are all studying IT software at the same level as Higher.

“During their theory work in school, they will cover app design, web design and software development.

“We’re keen to engage young people in the industries and professions they’re most interested in and the Foundation Apprenticeship is a great model for enabling us to do that.

“Offered over a longer period than say a work placement, it really gives employers a chance to make an impact in upskilling emerging talent.”

Aberdeenshire Council already partners hundreds of local businesses in a variety of ways and it said it is committed to developing the quality and extent of these partnerships in the future.

With more than 2000 S4 pupils given work experience each year there is no shortage of opportunities to play your part.

Aberdeenshire’s education and children’s services committee chairwoman councillor Gillian Owen said: “When you see that spark that’s been created between a young person and a business mentor it all makes sense.

“It’s far beyond the more traditional approach and absolutely enlightening to find that not only has that business and that manager or individual had an impact on that young person’s aspirations and confidence, but the young person has usually been able to open their mentor’s eyes to something new as well.”

More information about opportunities for businesses to engage with Developing the Young Workforce in Aberdeenshire is available at:

If a company specialises in computer science and is ready to see young talent emerging in the industry and reap the benefits email Andrew Ritchie via to find out more.

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