Proforma, Cleveland, held its inaugural Technology User Conference from July 21-24 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. The conference’s theme, “Envision,” brought together thought leaders, technology innovators, executives, supplier partners, current affiliate owners and prospective new affiliate owners seeking to improve their organizations using the Proforma’s business management platform.

“Business success powered by technology is the future of this industry,” said Proforma CEO Vera Muzzillo. “Our annual Envision User Conference provides the forum for us to work hand-in-hand with our affiliate owners to provide the right combination of technology, data, training and support to ensure our owner’s success.”

Proforma held its first Technology User Conference in Orlando, Fla.

More than 100 affiliates were in attendance at the Envision User Conference on Monday, and they received the exclusive opportunity to meet Proforma’s 75-member internal technology team to discuss the newest system updates on Proforma’s $12 million business management technology platform.

“Affiliate owners and their team members who attended the Envision User Conference learned the latest best practices for using our technology to drive sales and marketing results,” added Brian Carothers, Proforma’s chief technology officer. “Also, participants had the chance to network with other early adopters of the system, and share ideas for even better ways to leverage the unique business intelligence and powerful workflow capabilities of ProVision to drive their business success.”

The ProVision System has been in development for more than four years. The first beta users began entering orders more than three years ago, and the system entered the pre-release phase last fall.

“Being a user on ProVision for the past year has allowed me to watch my sales grow by over 32 percent and gross profits by over 22 percent, all while giving me more time to focus on other aspects of my business and personal life,” said Proforma Million Dollar Club member Steve Flaughers. “To have a true ‘business management’ system at our disposal changes our entire game on how we conduct our day to day. I’m excited, our CSR’s are more efficient and our sales professionals are more motivated than ever. I’m excited about the newest system updates that Proforma is rolling out for ProVision, and can’t wait to see how this further increases the efficiency of my business processes.”

“Proforma is very excited to officially launch ProVision, the industry’s most powerful and robust business management technology system, this November,” said Stan Maxwell, Proforma’s chief strategy officer. “Proforma will always be a sales and marketing company, but we are powered by technology. There is no other company in our industry that would consider making this investment in technology, no other company that has an industry-leading internal development team and no other company that has the visionary leadership. The Envision User Conference also gave our affiliate Owners the exclusive opportunity to join the current list of more than 1,000 early adopters on ProVision.”

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