By Betty Lockwood

Having trouble attracting new customers to your health tech product? Here are the top 5 reliable marketing techniques to help you promote your product and services.

The involvement of new customers in the health tech industry is possible in several ways. Modern marketing techniques have already moved away from direct sales and aggressive advertising, offering consumers emotions instead of goods and services. We’ll talk about the five best ways to engage with customers and succeed.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Networks

Social networks have long ceased to be exclusively entertaining. Now it is a source of information, a powerful tool for research and promotion of goods. One of the best marketing techniques necessarily includes the use of accounts on social networks to interact with potential and existing customers.

Pay attention to what topics excite your target audience the most. Conduct research, note what causes the most interest, sharings and likes. This is your next blog topic. Be active on the network: respond to comments, share interesting information, express your opinion. This is how you strengthen your presence and build an expert reputation.

Today, healthtech startups are especially active in social networks. Due to they use it as one of the channels to disseminate information about themselves. Useful tip: use the correct hashtags. Or get your own. For example, you can engage your customers by inviting them to share their opinions or photos and adding a specific hashtag.

You can also create a community to share experiences for your customers or to share fully exclusive data. Access to such a base and group may be paid.

2. Pay More Attention to Content Strategy

Exciting content is your best friend in customer interaction. Your materials should be interesting, new and solve problems. No need to write long articles about any phenomenon. Write about how a customer problem can be solved. Consider several options, not only offering your own services and products. Be sure to ask for opinions at the end. Discuss this topic in the comments.

Use industry news for your goals. Health technology is constantly evolving, offering new products on the market. Do a review and compare with your product or offer to do so to your customers. So you can identify the pros and cons of your products, as well as learn more about the needs of the target audience.

In your articles, you can tell how technology in healthcare helps different groups of people: depending on their diseases or needs. Thus, you immediately make a large audience reach. But only if it is required to promote your product or service.

3. Use Visual Content to Explain Complex Things

Since health and tech are intertwined into one innovative technology, many new gadgets, programs and tools are appearing. As a rule, the principle of their work, usefulness and need is rather difficult to explain to those who are not involved in development.

Use visual media to explain complex processes. A great solution would be infographics and doodle videos. Do not forget that even a picture will not be able to hold attention for a long time if it is boring. Infographics should not be too large and voluminous. And the optimal length of the doodle video is sixty seconds.

You can also engage with customers through the visual series if you make it interactive. Let the user click on the arrows to find out what will happen in the end. This way you can tell complex things in simple language, gradually summing up.

4. Use Video and Audio to Engage with Customers

Video and audio are also powerful tools for interacting with customers. You can organize educational webinars or a podcast to share something truly important and exclusive. Besides, this way you can get closer to your customers. At the end of these video meetings, you can leave time for questions and answers. Live communication is also as important as quick answers on the social network.

If you are wondering how to approach and engage with customers through video, we have a good idea. It is known that storytelling builds trusting relationships in any environment. Use this technique to build trust between you and your customers. Ask them to tell their stories about the use of your services and products, tell how you create innovations. In these videos, you can share something truly valuable: the emotions of living people. You also show that you care about your customers, putting their values ??above everything else.

Remember that videos should not be too long and overloaded with information. Highlight the main thing for your customers, focus on their benefits and only at the very end tell about your product. This is not advertising; it is a way to share opinions.

5. Create Powerful Customer Experiences

Many are confident that customer experience mainly consists of quality customer service. Yes, this is certainly an important component, but it is not the main one. Customer service best practices include the implementation of the latest technologies, such as AI chatbots, hotlines and the simple and favorable conditions.

But creating a consumer experience is moving up the pyramid of consumer needs. It is not enough to list the advantages and possibilities of your product or service. You need to tell in detail how exactly this will help your consumer. Not only the solution of the problem matters but also the improvements that will come after that.

This means that your product does not just have to bring the life of the consumer back to normal, it should make it better, brighter, more interesting. Tell the customer whom he will become using your product, how this will change his life for the better.

Using these methods of engage with customers, you can attract new ones and strengthen communication with existing ones. Please, share your opinion with us. What do you think is the most important marketing technique among described? Is it possible to use just one to succeed?

About the author: 

Betty Lockwood is a blogger, web developer, and caring mother. She loves to write about mobile technologies, e-commerce events, traveling, and kids. Betty is also a co-owner of website. Follow Betty on Twitter

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