No alcohol (including non-alcoholic beer and wine) or illegal drugs may be brought into Scottsdale Stadium. Once inside the stadium, alcoholic beverages may be purchased. The Giants encourage their fans to drink responsibly and be courteous to those around them. The following rules and regulations apply:

  • Any who appears to under the age of 30 will be asked to show ID.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages will be discontinued at the end of the 7th inning.
  • Under aged guests who attempt to purchase alcohol will be reported to the authorities and ejected from the stadium
  • There is a two drink limit per purchase at the concession stands and a one drink limit per purchase at the roaming concessionaires.
  • No alcohol may be removed from the stadium when exiting.



Certified service dogs or service dogs in training for guests with disabilities are welcome at Scottsdale Stadium. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are defined as dogs, and in some cases, miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. All other animals are prohibited.



There is a designated signing area in front of the players’ entrance. Fans are encouraged to wait in this area be need to be respectful to those around them.   Autographs may also be requested from the players on the field pre and post games. Fans must respect the players and realize they are in a working environment and that autograph is guaranteed. The area closest to the player entrance will be reserved for fans 14 and under. The Giants reserve the right to remove any autograph seekers at any time.



There are eight ATM’s at Scottsdale Stadium. There are seven on the main concourse; one in centerfield, one in the left field corner, two on the third base side, two on the first base side, and one in the right field corner. There is also one ATM located on the outside of the main box office. 


Paper or plastic grocery bags, purses, fanny packs, backpacks, lunch bags, diaper bags, soft sided coolers and containers, handbags and briefcases are allowed into the stadium as long as they don’t exceed 16″ x 16″ x 8″ in size. All bags are subject to search upon entering the stadium.



Banners and signs are permitted, granted they are baseball related, in good taste, and not of commercial nature. Banners and signs may not exceed three feet in height or obstruct the view of other guests or ballpark advertising. The Giants and City of Scottsdale reserve the right to remove any banner or sign.



Baby changing stations are located in the first and third base concourse restrooms, the family restroom, and the centerfield restroom.



Fans need to be alert to the danger of flying objects, including but not limited to, bats and baseballs. All objects that enter the seating areas may be kept. Baseball bats are allowed into the stadium for autograph purposes. If anyone is found using a bat in an inappropriate manner will be reported to the authorities and subject to ejection from Scottsdale Stadium.



Sealed, plastic bottles (no larger than 32 ounces) of non-alcoholic beverages are permitted into the stadium. Alcoholic beverages, glass of any kind, and aluminum cans are prohibited. If a guest is found to be in possession of these items they are subject to ejection from the stadium.



There are bicycle racks located outside gate A, B, C, & E. No bicycle should be locked to the physical stadium gates and must be secured to the racks located at the gates. Shared bicycles that do not need to be locked must be parked and left in the lawn area at the corner of Drinkwater Blvd and Osborn Rd.


Point and shoot cameras are allowed into Scottsdale Stadium; however, the equipment may not obstruct the view of others. Video cameras are not permitted into the stadium, and anyone found using one will have the video confiscated for pickup after the game from Guest Services. Tripods and high speed photography equipment are not allowed with proper media credentials. The Giants and City of Scottsdale reserve the right to remove to ask any patron to put cameras away.



The Charro Lodge is located at the end of the right field line on the east berm. Entry into the Charro Lodge must be made through the Scottsdale Charros by calling (480) 990-2977 or at the main entrance to the Lodge on the day of the game, pending availability.



Children 24 months and under do not need a ticket to enter provided they sit on the lap of an adult. Non-folding strollers should be checked at Guest Services located behind home plate.



Delaware North Company (DNC) manages the concessions stands and may be reached at (480) 994-5088.


Accessible seating options are available throughout the stadium in sections 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 119, 120, 121, 122, 129, and 130. Tickets may be purchased online at, over the phone at 1-877-473-4849, and at the box office.



Accessible drop off zones for persons with disabilities are located off the Osborn Rd entrance and 75th Street entrance.



Under FAA rules, drones may not be flown near Scottsdale Stadium before, during, or after Giants games without FAA authorization and documentation.


There are three elevators located at Scottsdale Stadium. The elevator directly behind homeplate provides access to the suites. The elevator located in the right field area allows access to the upper concourse and Charro Lodge. The centerfield elevator allows access to the berm, 75th St parking lot, and Gate A.



There are four entrances to Scottsdale Stadium. Gate A faces 75th St. Gates C, E, and F are located along the Drinkwater side of the stadium. The Vendor Gate is located between Gates B and C facing Osborn Rd.


Guests may send fan mail to:


“Name of player”


San Francisco Giants

7408 E Osborn Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85251



There is a family restroom located on the main concourse across from Gate B.



The San Francisco Giants Fantasy Camp is held each year at Scottsdale Stadium. Participants get their own Giants uniform, take infield and batting practice with former Major Leaguers and play in games with the former stars. For more information, please call (800) 411-1919.



Right Field- 360 feet

Center Field- 430 feet

Left Field- 330 feet



The First Aid station is located on the main concourse behind section 316. The First Aid station is open during all games to evaluate and treat medical needs for all guests.



Located throughout the stadium are concessions stands and portable food and beverage carts.


Gates open two hours prior to first pitch.



The Giants and City of Scottsdale are dedicated to providing a high quality entertainment experience at Scottsdale Stadium. Guests interfering with a ball in play, using foul language, making obscene gestures, smoking, or appear to in impaired condition will be ejected from the stadium. In addition, any guests entering the field of play or throwing objects in the stands or on the field will face arrest and prosecution. If someone is interfering with your enjoyment of the game, please contact a member of the staff.



Guest Services personnel are stationed on the concourse behind homeplate (between Gates B and C) for wheelchair requests, lost and found items, information on transportation, game schedules, lost. Found children and parents, and other services.


Laser pointers are not permitted in the stadium.



Lawn chairs with legs are not permitted into the stadium.



Children and parents should contact a Giants staff member or Scottsdale Police Officer should they become separated from each other. Staff will remain with the reporting party until a reunion is made. Announcements of lost children will be made over the stadium PA system if necessary.



If a guest has lost an item during a game, they should go to the Guest Services desk located behind homeplate. All found items may be turned in to Guest Services as well. Guest may call (480) 990-7972 and leave a detailed description of their lost item with the time, date and location where they think the item was misplaced. Guests will be contacted only if their item is found.


Walk through magnetometers are located at all stadium gates to further ensure the safety of our guests. Please have all metal objects removed from your person and placed on the security screening table before entering the magnetometers.



The Giants media guide provides a history of the franchise, as well as biographies and statistics of every player in the organization. The guide may be purchased at the Giants Dugout Store locations in the stadium.



Giants merchandise may be purchased at one of three novelty stores of the main Dugout Store. The novelty stands are located in Centerfield near Gate A, along the third base side concourse near Gates E and F. The main Dugout Store is located near Gate B.


For the comfort and enjoyment of all guests, noisemakers of any type are prohibited at Scottsdale Stadium.


Public parking is located at the Scottsdale Library and Civic Center along with various locations near the stadium. For satellite parking and shuttles please call (480) 421-1004 or visit 

The Osborn Rd parking lot is for Giants front office staff, City of Scottsdale staff, DNC staff, and players and coaches.



Kids 12 and under and seniors 65 and older can run/stroll the bases after all 1:05pm weekday games. Meet in section 122 immediately after the game to partake in the fun!



The press box is located on the second level and require credentials to enter. All agencies that wish to cover the Giants must submit a request to the Giants Media department. Credentials must be worn at all times.


Re-entry into Scottsdale Stadium is only permitted prior to first pitch. Before first pitch, guests may exit any re-entry gate (located at all gates) to have their hand stamped for re-entry. Upon re-entry, fans must show their ticket and stamped hand. Guest re-entering the stadium will be screened.



There are six public restrooms located on the first and third base side concourses, in the left field corner near the Cactus Corral, in the right field corner near the practice field and in center field near the novelty stand. There is a family restroom located on the main concourse across from Gate B.


Personalized scorecard messages are available at Scottsdale Stadium and may be arranged by visiting or by calling (480) 990-7972.



Keep track of the game on an official Giants scorecard! Scorecards are available in the Giants magazine or may be purchased separately for $1 by visiting souvenir stands around the stadium.



Odd numbered sections are on the North/third base side and even numbered sections are located on the East/first base side of the stadium. Bleachers A-C are located along the first base foul line and Bleachers E-H are along the third base foul line.



Scottsdale Stadium is an entirely smoke free facility. No smoking of any kind is permitted, including electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Guests must exit the stadium if they wish to smoke and must get their hand stamped a provide a ticket upon re-entry. Smoking is encouraged outside of Gate A.



Fold up strollers are allowed into the stadium. Fold up strollers need to be stored under a seat or placed flat on the grass. Non-folding strollers need to be checked at Guest Services on the concourse behind homeplate.



Suites are located on the second floor and may be accessed using the elevator or stairs behind homeplate. Please call (415)-972-2298 for additional information about suite availability.


Tickets may be purchased online at, at the Scottsdale Stadium Box Office, or over the phone by calling 1-877-4SFGTIX.


Scottsdale Stadium hours will be Monday-Friday 10am-4pm starting February 13, 2020 to March 21, 2020.


For groups of 20 or more please call (415) 972-2289.


Umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium as they can block the view of the game for other fans and pose a safety hazard.


Water fountains can be found on the main concourse along the first and third base lines.



With the exception of on-duty law enforcement personnel, guests may not bring weapons of any kind into the stadium.



All entrances are wheelchair are ADA accessible. There are drop off zones located at Gate A on 75th St and Gate E on Drinkwater Blvd.



Will Call windows are located at the main box office which is behind homeplate at Gate C. Windows will open three hours prior to game time. 

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