JESSICA Ritchie has spent the majority of her adult life building some of the country’s biggest brands, but these days she gets more satisfaction from helping women build their own.

Ms Ritchie decided a few years ago to build Jessica Ritchie Brand and Connection Expert from the ground up and a huge part of her focus is helping to inspire and empower other women to succeed in business, whether it’s a cottage industry from home or whether it’s working as a real estate agent.

One facet of the business is regular Wondrous Women Networking events and Ms Ritchie said it gave her satisfaction offering women an outlet to get together, have fun and find out ways of improving their business and branding.

Part of that is telling her own story as well as encouraging others to share their successes, failures and life lessons.

It turned out to be a winning format, with events often selling out before she even lists them.

“I limited it to 15 participants but I had a wait list of 47 women,” she said.

“They sell out within a day when I advertise them but I didn’t even need to advertise the last one because there were so many waiting and they often put their name down for the next one when they come to one.”

She said the most recent event may have been aimed at real estate agents, but there was actually a cross-section of different people there because it was all about taking the messages you needed and applying them to your own situation.

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