None of us here at Promo Marketing like to receive the lowercase version of spam, but if the uppercase variety were the offering, many of us would be in hog heaven. Continuing the food business trend of releasing branded merchandise, Spam is delighting fans of canned cooked pork through a line that includes close to 300 (!!!) products, including a Halloween costume that could end any debates on what people want to be come October 31.

With all of the renown that customized goods have acquired in the food industry, it should not shock anyone to hear of any company’s entry into the wacky world of branded merch. The only surprises should come from what the entities are electing to sell, and, whew, some of the Spam options are perfect realizations of the when-pigs-fly sentiment that branded merch fans love and nurture.

In that vein, then, the Halloween costume will surely draw some guffaws. We confess to thinking that nothing, in the meat-eating world, could outdo this creation from Arby’s, and, therefore, we must admit that we were wrong, as the Can Costume screams over-the-top genius. The $45 item bills itself as a one-size-fits-most apparel selection, but we have to say that it’s going to be a hit with every carnivore’s sense of humor.

Through six pages of searches, end-users can find all of the mainstay merch they could want. The products will have consumers solving a few household and apparel needs, and could come to inspire other food establishments that have not joined the mix to ham it up and produce their own merchandise, with all eyes and cash sure to go to the businesses that up the promotional ante. While the Halloween costume will cater only to adults, young end-users can likewise go glam through Spam, as the store offers a bunch of items for kids.

This product line from the 82-year-old brand further shows that no concept in the merch world is too out-there. Consumers are not suddenly going to stop wanting to support their favorite brands through highly visual means, so every business that decides to do so will certainly not be casting pearls before swine.

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