Four episodes in and the drama of the sixth and final season of Power is in full swing. So far, Netflix and Starz viewers have discovered what really happened to Terry Silver (played by Brandon Victor Dixon), seen Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) start his own drug empire and watched as the war between Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost (Omari Hardwick) continues to boil over. The good news for fans is the promo for episode five suggests the action does not look like slowing down.

What will happen in Power season 6, episode 5?

WARNING This article contains spoilers from Power.

The trailer for the next instalment of Power opens with Tasha (Naturi Naughton) in conversation with former BFF, Lakeisha (La La Anthony).

Tasha issues a warning to her old best friend over her allegiance to boyfriend Tommy.

Ghost’s wife says: “Be careful with Tommy, Keisha. My advice, don’t get in over your head like Holly did.”

Die-hard Power fans won’t have forgotten how Holly (Lucy Walters) was strangled by Tommy back in season three.

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The action then moves on to Tariq and his father.

Ghost has become aware of his son’s drug-dealing while at Choate and offers Tariq some advice.

He tells his son: “I sold drugs because I had to. You’re going to ruin your life.”

At the same time, the promo cuts to shots of Tariq preparing his drugs and a smug looking Vincent (Joe Perrino) waiting for Ghost’s son.

Not one to shy away from conflict with his father, Tariq will tell Ghost in episode five: “Selling drugs didn’t ruin your life, Ghost. Selling drugs got you the since place.”

There also seems to be plenty of drama on its way for Proctor (Jerry Ferrara).

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After watching his ex-wife Lindsay (Danielle Thorpe) overdose in episode four, his attentions appear to be more focused on ensuring he, Tommy and ghost avoid jail.

In the next episode he tells Tommy: “We are all connected. We all have a lot to lose.”

During his speech, shots of a nervous Tommy, Ghost and Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) play in the promo.

In its final moments, the trailer shows Tariq continuing to do business with Vincent, despite his ‘uncle’ Tommy warning against it previously.

There also appears to be a death confirmed for episode five as Tommy’s dealer 2-Bit (Michael J Ferguson) shoots at an unknown captive in the boot of his car.

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Tariq then gets the final word in against his father.

The self-assured ‘Riq says: “I’m just like you. How could you expect me to be any different?”

Power’s promo then comes to an end and fans are left on tenterhooks to find out exactly what will happen in King’s Gambit.

Power continues every Sunday on Starz and Monday on Netflix.

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