With so many events going on every week at Duke, it can be hard to keep track of what is happening and when. One event that might be on your radar, however, is DEMAN 101. 

What is DEMAN 101? Amy Unell, the senior director of Duke Arts Engagement and Partnerships, described DEMAN 101 via email as “a fun, hands-on workshop” that prepares students for the Duke Entertainment Media & Arts Network’s annual “DEMAN Weekend.” Through PowerPoints and small group activities, staff from Duke Arts, Duke GEO and the Duke Career Center will introduce the alumni that will be attending DEMAN Weekend, as well as give advice on how to maximize the weekend’s opportunities for networking and learning. With DEMAN Weekend being such a foundational event for the Duke alumni network, DEMAN 101 provides a comprehensive introduction to a unique opportunity.

DEMAN 101 is attractive to students for a variety of reasons. Hayley Brodhead, academic internship and research coordinator of the Global Education Office, believes it’s the incredible networking opportunities that DEMAN 101 provides that makes it particularly appealing.

“Several of these students [who will be at DEMAN 101] have interned in entertainment or other creative industries, and have participated in programs … where they interact with Duke alums and other professionals regularly,” Brodhead wrote in an email.

Senior Annie Kormack, DEMAN CAST and DEMAN 101 facilitator, echoed a similar sentiment, also noting the free dinner that will be provided during the workshop.

“Not only is this a low-stress event geared towards helping students network with high-level and extremely impressive executives from companies such as NBC Universal, YouTube, CBS Sports and more, but it’s also a great way to eat dinner on a Wednesday night with other DEMAN-interested students,” Kormack wrote in an email.

With all the networking opportunities within the creative industry that DEMAN Weekend has to offer, DEMAN 101 provides students with the tools to make the most out of DEMAN Weekend. But DEMAN 101 and DEMAN Weekend are by no means restricted to a certain type of student.

“DEMAN really is for any student — those interested in the arts, business, film, tech, law, sports and much more,” Brodhead wrote. 

Sophomore Tenley Seidel, a DEMAN CAST a DEMAN 101 Facilitator, further supported the idea that DEMAN is for any and every Duke student. 

“Not only is DEMAN about meeting and networking with alumni, DEMAN also brings together like-minded students so that we can learn, grow and work together,” Seidel wrote in an email. 

DEMAN 101 will take place Oct. 16 at the Ruby Lounge inside the Rubenstein Arts Center, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dinner will be catered by Nosh.