To qualify for the UND President’s Roll of Honor, a student must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.80 or higher. The student must also have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours and have completed a minimum of 12 hours at the close of the semester, eight of which must be for traditional letter grades.

Local students who made the UND President’s Roll of Honor include Ellie Morgan and Abigail Schramel, both of Detroit Lakes; Makayla Melvin, Frazee; Brianne Huesman, Lake Park; Paul Schoeneberger, Vergas; and Isaac Benson and Trenten Johnson, both of Waubun.

The UND Dean’s List comprises students whose grade point average are in the top 15 percent of the enrollment in each of the University’s degree granting colleges and schools. A student must have completed no fewer than 12 semester hours of academic work for the semester, of which eight or more hours must be graded work rather than “satisfactory/unsatisfactory.”

Local dean’s list honorees include Allison Berg, Ellie Morgan and Abigail Schramel, all of Detroit Lakes; Jack Mattson, Lake Park; Kaisa Coborn and Kendra Coborn, both of Osage; Brianne Huesman, Rochert; Paul Schoeneberger, Vergas; and Trenten Johnson and Logan Pazdernik, both of Waubun.

Lake Park’s Anderson named to dean’s list at UW-Stout

Jacob Anderson, Lake Park, was recently named to the University of Wisconsin-Stout dean’s list for academic achievement during fall semester 2019.

Anderson is a sophomore at the university, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in plastics engineering. To earn this honor, formerly known as the Chancellor’s Award, UWS students must have a grade point average of 3.5 or above for the semester.

Several area students named to M State’s fall honors list

Several area residents were among the 608 students named to its president’s list and 623 students named to its dean’s list, for academic achievement during fall semester 2019.

Local students who achieved this honor include the following, listed alphabetically by hometown:

From Audubon: Anna Bergh, dean’s list; Samantha Gray, president’s list; Sydney Heisler, president’s list; Amy Lundstrom, president’s list; Sydney Porter, president’s list; and Taylor Prussia, president’s list.

From Callaway: Joshua Brahmer, president’s list; Courtney McDougall, president’s list; and Phoenix McDougall-Bellanger, dean’s list.

From Detroit Lakes: Alexis Anderson, dean’s list; Kaiah Baker, president’s list; Sienna Baratono, president’s list; Reed Benson, president’s list; Grace Bowers, dean’s list; Cortney Brodsho, president’s list; Logan Burhans, dean’s list; Natasha Cosgrove, dean’s list; Cameron Dennis, dean’s list; Alexiss Erickson, president’s list; Lindsi Erickson, president’s list; Madison Fegely, president’s list; Nathaniel Flugel, president’s list; Brett Frank, dean’s list; Garret Frank, president’s list; Abby Gray, president’s list; Heather Haarstick, president’s list; Johnathan Hallisey, president’s list; Adam Hammer, dean’s list; Alexis Hanson, president’s list; Jonathan Hausten, dean’s list; Veronica Haverkamp, president’s list; Gabriel Heimark, dean’s list; Maddie Hibma, president’s list; Naomi Hibma, president’s list; Jack Hines, dean’s list; Nathan Jensen, president’s list; Amanda Jenzen, president’s list; Alexis Jesness, president’s list; Brianna Johnson, president’s list; Kimberlee Johnson, president’s list; Jenny Joy, dean’s list; Alexis Kapaun, president’s list; Ethan Ladwig, dean’s list; Aries Lazaro, president’s list; Carisa Leonard, president’s list; Peyton Leonard, president’s list; Sarah Linn, dean’s list; Carrie Lowe, president’s list; Tonya Mack, dean’s list; Joanie Malecka, president’s list; Kaylee McMichael, dean’s list; Robert Meyer, dean’s list; Darci Molander, president’s list; Alex Morrison, dean’s list; Clare Nemec, president’s list; Grace Nemec, dean’s list; Alexander Neuhauser, dean’s list; Holly Noel, dean’s list; Dustin Parsons, president’s list; Summer Peterson, president’s list; Jamie Pohl, president’s list; Adam Prindle, dean’s list; Krystal Redd, dean’s list; James Roach, dean’s list; Ally Rousu, president’s list; Sadie Schmit, dean’s list; Jeremy Schoenberger, president’s list; Brandon Schons, dean’s list; Quinn Schweigart, dean’s list; Emily Skjonsberg, dean’s list; Megan Sorlien, dean’s list; Angelica St.Germain, president’s list; Riley Tarsi, dean’s list; Thomas Truedson, president’s list; Joseph Voz, president’s list; Will Walberg, dean’s list; Sara Waller, dean’s list; Shelley Windels, president’s list; and Karen Woytassek,president’s list.

From Frazee: Riana Aho, dean’s list; Riley Aho, dean’s list; Jerron Aschnewitz, president’s list; Annie Bachmann, dean’s list; Rachael Buhr, president’s list;Vanessa Christensen, president’s list; Cecilia George, dean’s list; Lori Glander, president’s list; Mattison Grant, president’s list; Teri Harthun, dean’s list; Nicklaus Hess, dean’s list; Grace Hilde, president’s list; Whitney Janu, dean’s list; Carissa Kaiser, president’s list; Rebecca Kotchian, dean’s list; Sean Labbe, dean’s list; Tessa Landry, dean’s list; Nathan LaSart, president’s list; Brenna Mahoney, president’s list; Mary Eleanor Nelmark, president’s list; Sara Peterson, president’s list; Tovin Sannes-Venhuizen, dean’s list; Amelia Suhsen, president’s list; Andrew Ulschmid, president’s list; Madison Wothe, president’s list; and Shauna Wothe,president’s list.

From Lake Park: Brittney Burkett, president’s list; Toby Eiter, president’s list; Daryan Hendricks, president’s list; Morgan Kruger, president’s list; Etta Miosek, dean’s list; Megan Mueller, dean’s list; Morgan Nelson, dean’s list; Caleb Noel, dean’s list; Paige Omvig, dean’s list; Sierra Omvig, president’s list; Emma Pederson, dean’s list; Kay Pederson, president’s list; Jacob Seebold, dean’s list; Jayda Swegarden, dean’s list; Cassandra Westlund, dean’s list; and Jacob Woody, dean’s list.

From Ogema: Julie Chilton, president’s list; and Greg Maurstad, president’s list.

From Osage: Isaac Niemi, president’s list; Angel Pihlaja, dean’s list; AnnaRose Steger, dean’s list; Taylor Wehmas, dean’s list; Brian Winczewski, president’s list; and Desirae Zick,president’s list.

From Ponsford: Alexander Gastelum, dean’s list.

From Richwood: Noah Johnson, president’s list.

From Rochert: Sarah Eckberg, president’s list; Alexis Feldt, dean’s list; Zachary Polzin, president’s list; Brittany Rorah, president’s list; and Kristin Sandberg, president’s list.

From Vergas: Christian Carlson, president’s list; Brenna Graham, president’s list; Lindsay Hagerty, president’s list; Isabella Heuer, president’s list; Shauntel Johannes, dean’s list; McKenna O’Brien, president’s list; and Logan Wallace, president’s list.

From Waubun: Stephanie Amundsen, president’s list; Tanya McArthur-Gary, dean’s list; Jacob Miller, dean’s list; Anna Paul, president’s list; and Tracy Ann Soyring, president’s list.

Students on the president’s list completed a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester, and earned a grade point average (GPA) of 4.0. Students on the dean’s list completed a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester, and earned a GPA of 3.50 to 3.99.

As a member of the Minnesota State system, M State serves more than 8,000 students in credit courses each year in 80 career and liberal arts programs online and at its campuses in Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorhead and Wadena.