Dessert is our weakness. There’s nothing better than getting sent a personalized box of cookies or cupcakes, especially when they’re customized with your brand or logo. A company called Print Cakes totally gets that, and has been creating branded and personalized cupcakes for awhile now. But Print Cakes is taking it one step further. It’s teamed up with Aircards to create the world’s first app-less augmented reality cupcakes.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Check out how it works here:

Aircards x Print Cakes Launch Augmented Reality Cupcakes

Stop the press! Aircards have partnered with Print Cakes to develop the World’s First Augmented Reality Cupcakes for corporate events. How amazing are these?Would you like AR cupcakes at your next event? Head over to to chat to their team!Display brand videos, or a message from your team. View the AR experience and enjoy the delicious cakes!#augmentedreality #ar #brandengagement #marketing Powered by 8th Wall Built by Aircards #ediblear #corporateevents

Posted by Aircards on Friday, January 31, 2020


Let’s start from the beginning. The Print Cakes cupcakes are actually decorated with “printed edible discs,” according to the Print Cakes website, and they can include a logo, image or message.

Using the discs on the top of the cupcakes, the AR feature takes end-users to a website where they’re able to see the design come to life, as The Northern Echo reports:

To access a personal video message or 3-D animation, people can scan the top of the cake through the website. Image detection software will then recognize the topper and display the content.

Plus, you don’t need specific apps to open the AR feature, since it’s completely app-less, removing a barrier to entry and making the whole experience more seamless for users.

“We are delighted to collaborate with a fellow North East business like Print Cakes and helping to provide a completely unique experience to corporate clients,” Michael Watson, head of digital advertising at Aircards, said in a press release. “Augmented Reality enables businesses to create a digital channel with their cupcakes!”

Sadly, the cupcakes are only available in the U.K. But, maybe one day Print Cakes can offer an option for international fans, similar to how Scotland-based Pink Café creates custom printed latte foam artwork on coffee and sends end-users a video of it being printed.

Last year, we covered a few stories on how AR is being used on T-shirts, like the one on Scandinavian label Carlings, to showcase different designs on a plain white tee. We’re excited to see other ways AR can be used in the future, especially in regard to logos and branding.