Medical professionals and political leaders are rightfully overseeing the most robust pleas for individuals to engage in social distancing as they seek to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic. While they will remain the ones who will dominate the discussions as the global population makes adjustments to daily life, brands are also engaging the public to act responsibly, with adjustments to their logos as a chief call to inaction.

As the world waits for word that life can return to some sense of normalcy, it is natural that companies people rely on for goods and services would advise them to implement safe measures. Relying on creativity to do so, these brands represent some entities that have modified their customary logos to encourage social distancing. Over the duration of the pandemic, which we dearly hope is not long, we expect that more companies and perhaps athletic teams (given that the Boston Red Sox altered their famous logo) to follow suit.

Here are a few of the examples we found:






Boston Red Sox

Many brands call on logos and branding elements that rely on close proximity to make an impression. These six are showing that while crafting design components that have that characteristic might be good for business, the social equivalent of surrounding oneself with company just is not the proper course of action to take until the world has conquered COVID-19.