Everyone knows how social media changed the game forever. Every day there are thousands of new companies and brands that are looking for more exposure, and thousands of self-proclaimed gurus who will claim they have the key to your marketing success. The explosion of social media has given ordinary people the opportunity to reach new heights and expand their reach. Ben Deveran recognized the cultural shift and searched for the next wave of marketing.

Founder of Next Wave Marketing, Ben Deveran created an online marketing agency that within 18 months has taken off with over $500,000 in sales. At 18 years old, Ben graduated high school and decided he was going to take the road less traveled and become an entrepreneur. Started from his own basement, Ben has taken Next Wave Marketing to the next level while becoming more known in the industry.

Ben saw a unique opportunity where he could build a business that would help people expand their reach while increasing their credibility online. Ben has created content for artists and content creators across the United States, while traveling from the East to West coast giving speeches, talking about his experience, in hope to motivate those who attend. Next Wave Marketing has helped talented artists and companies, like Toyota, help grow their audience while building their presence so they can effectively get their message across.

Ben is a strong believer in manifesting the things he wants and hopes to achieve. He believes it is very important to write down goals and aspirations and continuously work towards them while staying on target. If I could only offer 1 piece of advice for someone starting out, I would say work on your mindset and belief system.Ben said he believes we are all programmed into being very confirmative, and will limit ourselves unless we can reprogram ourselves to believing otherwise. We are all special, and there is an abundance in the world. We can achieve anything, so start to build yourself up and watch your confidence grow.

At only 19 years old, Ben has already traveled the country talking about his experiences while spreading his message in hopes that others can follow in his footsteps. Ben said that his biggest obstacle was finding belief in himself. Once he was able to overcome that, things became clearer and his activity levels continuously increased which led to more and more opportunities for him and Next Wave Marketing. Ben will continue to innovate and grow while finding ways for people to grow their audience and communicate their message, their way.

For anyone looking to grow their presence, stay connected with Ben on here.

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